GREEN WOOD is a small area of ancient woodland close to the centre of the village (next to the cemetery on School Lane).  A short walk can be enjoyed through the wood on one of several well-used paths.

Ash and oak are the abundant tree species, with two veteran oak trees, including 'Big Tom' on the boundary bank.  Beech, hornbeam and silver birch occur frequently and other species include Douglas fir, larch, yew and wild cherry.

Green Wood BluebellBeneath the trees is the understorey which includes holly (which is very dominant), dog rose, field rose, hawthorn, bramble and hazel.  Two species, cherry laurel and field maple are recorded as rare.  Bluebells dominate the ground flora, which along with ivy carpet the woodland floor.  Other flora which can be seen include lesser celandine, herb robert, dog's mercury, lords and ladies, hedge woundwort, wood avens and wood sorrel.  Daffodil, garlic mustard, wood millet, pignut, male fern, red campion, creeping buttercup, dog violet and common nettle can also be seen.

Several species of birds have been seen, including the green woodpecker, great spotted woodpecker, bluejay, goldcrest and treecreeper.

The Parish Council carries out regular holly clearance in the wood to allow more sunlight in to encourage more ground flora.  Surveys of the trees are done on a regular basis and action is taken to deal with any that are in poor health or in a precarious position.  Deadwood is often left on site as this is a valuable part of the lifecycle of the wood.  The animals and plants that depend on deadwood include many species of fungi, fruit flies, stag beetles, craneflies, woodlice, centipedes, millipedes and spiders.  It can take 20 years for a large log to decay completely depending on species of tree.

[24/6/14 Today was our annual tree inspection and spotted in Green Wood were Bullfinches, Muntjac and a slow worm.  Many birds were eating the cherries from the tops of the old Cherry trees in the Wood. ]

Green Wood and the wildlife it contains is managed and cared for by Seer Green Parish Council and is protected by a Tree Preservation Order.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Green Wood.  If you see anything of special interest or have any questions please contact the Clerk.  One final matter, DOGS.  We do not discourage dogs but would ask dogwalkers to ensure that there is no fouling on the footpaths - others, including children, will be following in your footsteps.

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