Preferred Options Consultation 2016

Update 31st October 2016
Chiltern District and South Bucks Councils have released details on the Preferred Options Consultation. – 31st October to 12th December 2016.

This consultation is specifically aimed at 15 preferred options sites, i.e., sites proposed for removal from the Green Belt and for development.
  • The councils aim to defend their decisions, as part of the GB review, to leave a large number of sites in the GB, and hence protect them from development. However, they have not ruled out those decisions being overturned upon examination. This could affect Seer Green at some stage, possibly not until the next consultation on the draft plan sometime next year.
  • The 15 sites are:

    1 North East of Chesham
    2 Area South of Holmer Green
    3 Land East of Hazlemere
    4 Area South of London Road West, Amersham Old Town
    5 Area South East of Whielden Street, Amersham Old Town
    6 Area South East of Little Chalfont
    7 National Epilepsy Centre, Chalfont St Peter
    8 Area South East of Chalfont St Peter
    9 Area East of Beaconsfield
    10 Land North of Denham Roundabout
    11 Land North of Iver Heath, South East of Pinewood
    12 Area West of Iver Heath
    13 Area North of Iver Station
    14 Area to the East of Ridgeway Business Park, Iver
    15 Land adjacent to Taplow Station

    None of the sites are in Seer Green although some are close by, in particular, options 7, 8 and 9.
    The following are available on the CDC website:

    Green Belt Preferred Options Consultation document:

    The councils have produced a video overview - 13 mins long - see youtube link.

    Consultation Response Form:

    In addition, a report called - Green Belt Assessment Part 2 Draft has been issued:

    This document considers several parcels of land in Seer Green. As far as we can see, none are recommended for further consideration in Stage 3. 

    Seer Green Parish Council have sent the following response:-
    Seer Green Parish Council have reviewed the consultation documentation related to the Green Belt Options and Phase 2 of the Green Belt review. We have the following comments/observations:

    1. Regarding the 15 preferred options, while none are within the Seer Green Parish boundary, 3 sites, namely 7, 8 and 9 are close by. While we have no specific comments to make regarding these sites, we are concerned that the infrastructure required to support these developments is not currently planned. We expect all local resources, including the transport network, and Seer Green, to be affected should these developments go ahead and we would wish to comment on ALL relevant plans. We hope these will be available for the next consultation in 2017 of the draft Local Plan.

    2. Although 1 above already makes comment on infrastructure, we would like to make several detailed points:
    a. The Infrastructure Capacity Study included in the evidence base has not been updated since January 2016.
    b. Any development of Green Belt in or near Seer Green would place further strain on services provided. Seer Green CE School is over-subscribed and already cannot accommodate all of the children in Seer Green – this is an ongoing issue and further development would inevitably mean that more families in the village would find that their children could not attend their local school. Jordans School would similarly struggle to accommodate these additional children. Seer Green does not have its own GP Practice and residents in the village need to travel to Chalfont St Peter, Chalfont St Giles and Beaconsfield practices. These practices will find difficulty in catering for any increase arising from developments in their own villages/towns making it extremely difficult for people living in Seer Green to find medical centres able to take them on.
    c. We notice that a document called “Local Transport Modelling” has just been published in the evidence base. Seer Green is not mentioned specifically but the roads connecting Beaconsfield and the Chalfonts (through Seer Green) are. These show a RED status when considering all the Preferred Option sites – hence the comments above.

    3. Regarding the Green Belt Review Phase 2, we have the following comments:
    a. Several parcels of land in Seer Green have been considered as part of the review and have been found to meet the criteria for retaining Green Belt status and, on that basis, have been excluded from further consideration for development. We strongly support this analysis.
    b. Seer Green Parish Council believe strongly that the Green Belt should be protected. We understand the position the joint Councils find themselves in and note the preferred options proposed. We believe it is best that organisations and individuals with local knowledge of the preferred sites make comment on them.